Benefit of becoming an Agent?
With every booking you make you will receive 10 % of the net rate.
As Agent you will receive the best rate available anywhere online.
You can even print your name cards with the Agent Code on it and for every guest  who uses your Agent Code, you will receive the Commission.
Every once a month our Accounting department will email you a summary of your room reservations and subsequently transfer your Commission to your Bank account.

How to book a room?
Go to or to the individual Marbella Hotel’s website.
Choose the Hotel which you would like to book.
Once you selected the Hotel where you would like to book a room, enter your Agent Code at the top of page.
Once you entered the Agent Code, a reservation box will appear with a special rate, only visible to you. This rate is the best rate available online.
Click “book” and proceed with the room reservation.
Please note, that once the room has been reserved, it cannot be cancelled nor refunded.

Terms and Conditions
Please keep your Agent Code confidential.
Every year Marbella Hotel Group will analyze your production and if zero production, Marbella Hotel Group has the right to revoke your Agent Code. If you want to participate again, then you have to sign up as a new Agent.
Marbella Hotel Group has the right to amend or modify the terms and conditions or to introduce new terms and conditions. Any such amendment, modification or introduction of new terms shall become effective and binding upon written notification to the Member (Agent)
Cancellations of room reservations cannot be accepted, money cannot be refunded.