Outside Catering

Our well established Food & Beverage team is able to cater to any wish you might have when it comes to culinary delights. We are able to arrange any kind of event from simple to complicated luncheons or dinners as set menu or buffet style.

Marbella Hotel, Convention & Spa has catered to the most prestigious events serving a myriad of Corporate parties with daily meals ranging from hundreds to several thousand persons.

For Outside Caterings our Hotel charges a Catering Fee in addition to the menu of RP. 150, 000 – net per person which includes the following:

  • All equipment, furniture and table decoration
  • Catering Transportation
  • Man power
  • Flower arrangements

For more information, please contact us at : Telp. +62-254-602345 / +62-21-71795914 0r Email : sales@marbella.co.id