Baduy Hill Tribes

The ethnic tribes of Baduy, live in an area of about 5.101 ha, in Kanekes village within the Leuwidamar sub district, Lebak regency and about 38 km from Rangkasbitung.

Their religion is “Sunda Wiwitan”, they believe in only One God, SANG HYANG TUNGGAL as the creature who arranges and decides their live. The Baduy also observe many mystical taboos. They are forbidden to kill, steal, lie, commit adultery, get drunk, eat food at night, take any form of conveyance, wear flowers or perfumes, accept gold or silver, touch money or cut their hair.

The Baduy consist of two parts, the Baduy dalam (inner Baduy) and the Baduy luar (outer Baduy).

No foreigner is allowed to enter the inner Baduy, though the outer Baduy do foster some limited contacts with the outside world. The inner Baduy consists of 40 families who live in three villages, Cibeo, Cikertawana and Cikeusik in Tanah Larangan (forbidden territory) where no stranger is permitted to stay overnight. The inner Baduy follow the rigid “Buyut” taboo system very strictly and thus they have made very few contacts with the outside world as they are considered as “people of the sacred inner circle”. The inner Baduy have the Pu’un, the spiritual priest of the Baduy and the Pu’un are the only people that visit the most hallowed and sacred ground of the Baduy which lies on Gunung Kendeng, in a place called Arca Domas.

The outer Baduy live in 22 villages and acting as a barrier to stop visitors from entering the sacred inner circle. They follow the rigid taboo system but not as strictly as the inner Baduy and they are more willing to accept modern influence into their daily lives.

Most of the Baduy people are farmers, they plant huma rice and other agricultural products. Besides that they also make handicrafts such as bags and woven products.

Today you can explore the Baduy hill tribes, an amazing journey back in time!

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