Ujung Kulon National Park

Ujung Kulon (means “western tip”) is the leading park in Indonesia. It is also the only habitat of the endangered one horn Javan rhinoceros. The park is an excellent tourism spot and is located at the western tip of Java island, containing Handeleum island, Peucang island, Panaitan island and mountain Honje range, which makes the park a complete and outstanding nature conservation.

Historically Ujung Kulon National Park was a leading hunting ground during the Dutch occupation until research botanists found that several fauna species were already at the threshold of extinction and should be immediately conserved, such as the Javan rhinoceros, leopard, grey gibbon, green peafowl, green turtles etc..

White sandy beaches with calm and clear waters, marine gardens and surfing spots make Ujung Kulon also an attractive vacation resort. Wild game such as wild ox, wild pig, monkeys, giant lizard and deer are an easy target for the photo hunter. On the river traverse, the park offers an exciting opportunity for canoeing and you can enjoy the intact tropical rain and mangrove forest.

Enjoy a magnificent exploration into intact jungles.

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